ASI Marine

ASI Marine provides industries and governments worldwide with leading-edge underwater services focused on the assessment, maintenance, rehabilitation, and construction of underwater infrastructure and environments. More specifically, ASI Marine specializes in commercial diving, underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) operations, and marine geophysical and hydrographic surveys. Our underwater ROV operations take place in both contained environments (e.g., inside tunnels, pipelines, etc.) and non-contained open water environments (e.g., dock/dam inspections, pipeline/cable route inspections, intake/outfall inspections, target identification, etc.).

Our divers, construction crews, engineers and technicians are backed by a fleet of advanced robotic vehicles; providing the latest in sonar and video imaging, survey and inspection technologies.

Our underwater services also include:

  • Underwater welding
  • Long tunnel inspections using ROV’s
  • Radiated diving in nuclear power plants
  • In-house training facilities for diving and welding
  • Comprehensive above and below water bridge and dam inspections
  • Integrated 2-D and 3-D underwater sonar imaging applications for facilities in-service
  • Remote excavation for underwater infrastructure