ASI Water

ASI Water specializes in water and wastewater operations and engineering – from preliminary environmental impact surveys or needs assessment, through design and construction, and continuing with project management, contract plant operations, inspections, and repair. Many companies choose ASI with the knowledge that bringing an operations team early into the design process will ensure the approved design will be operator-friendly, providing clients with peace of mind.

We believe in providing a level of service that focuses on our clients’ needs and encourages continuous improvement to reduce cost and enhance the quality of service provided. We have in-house technical, engineering and licensed operators to design, construct, fabricate, manage, install, calibrate and manage treatment systems. ASI provides permanent and turnkey systems that treat flows ranging from 10 m3/day to 3,500 m3/day.

Full-service water and wastewater management is ASI Water’s core business. Our mission is to become an integrated part of our clients’ teams, providing expertise in non-core areas so that our clients can concentrate on their core business.

ASI Water is the preferred go-to water and wastewater management team because of,

  • Our vast experience working with various sizes of WTP and WWTP systems;
  • Our Engineering team, which allows us an advantage to provide our clients with immediate solutions and real-time troubleshooting;
  • Our sites are managed at very high standards;
  • To ensure we provide the best in service, ASI Water is a non-bias entity when it comes to recommending technology. This allows us to choose the best solution for our clients to meet their needs;
  • We genuinely care about our client sites and take care of them as if it were our own ;
  • We work with our clients to provide a solution that makes sense
  • ASI Water’s team is professional and approachable. Any member of our team can be reached 24/7;
  • Water and wastewater management is our core business which means we stay up-to-date with the latest industry regulations and technologies.

Industries Served:

  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Development
  • Government


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